October 1, 2017

#opt4pt toolkit


OPT4PT is a public awareness campaign supported by the Utah Physical Therapy Association. It’s goal is to promote physical therapy as a safe alternative to opioids for the treatment of pain, show that PT can be just effective and cheaper than surgery for many musculoskeletal conditions, increase awareness of direct access, and educate patients that PT’s are movement experts trained to improve daily function.

The OPT4PT website and this toolkit will provide content, resources, and links that allow you to promote yourself as a physical therapist to the community.

Toolkit contents:

Key Messages

Campaign Website

OPT4PT Contacts




Key Messages:

Manage Pain, Save Money, Be Your Own Advocate, Move Better, OPT4PT

1) The CDC recommends non-drug interventions such as PT for the treatment of chronic pain. The risks associated with opioid use, including addiction, can be avoided with use of safe alternatives such as physical therapy. Click here for link.

2) PT is just as effective and cheaper than surgery for many musculoskeletal conditions. Click here for link 1link 2link 3, and link 4

3) You don’t need a referral for PT.  This is called direct access. Although access varies by state, you can arrange a Physical Therapy evaluation with the PT of your choice. Verifying that a specific PT participates in your insurance plan prior to attendance is recommended. Find a PT here!

4) Physical therapists are movement experts who can identify, diagnose, and treat movement problems. Maintaining pain free movement is not only important for quality of life but for work performance, participating in sport, and remaining independent as we age.

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Campaign Website


The OPT4 PT website contains our key messages, statistics related to physical therapy and it’s effectiveness/uses, links to OPT4PT on social media, videos, and shareables such as OPT4PT infographics, JOSPT patient perspectives, and links to the GetPT1st and #ChoosePT websites. Our Helpful Tips section contains blog entries from local PT’s on specific diagnoses and current issues in Physical Therapy. The site also has an easy link to Find A PT in your area.

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Clinician Handout


Patient postcard handout

Patient pamphlet handout

Social Media Graphics


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T-shirts and other merchandise with the OPT4PT logo will be available here in the near future.

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  • Newsletters and Blog Posts: Consider using some of the content from the OPT4PT website in your next clinic newsletter or blogpost. Create links to a specific blog entry or graphic.
  • Community engagement: Bring awareness to physical therapy and the OPT4PT campaign by participating at a local event such as a 5k, fitness fair, or neighborhood festival. Print off the OPT4PT downloadables to handout or hang up.
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